Celebrating women´s day

Celebrating women´s day

March 8, women’s day and here we are at Hotel Negresco Princess.

There is a lot of traffic in Barcelona and it is quite a challenge to get to our location.

Seven days before the event we had to change location due to the strike. But, do you know what? None of them canceled. Five minutes to 9 in the morning all participants were there, full of enthusiasm, energy and eager to share.

We had to finish at two in the afternoon and at the end, it was almost three. We had a 30 minute break that turned into a 15 minute break. Almost 6 hours dedicated to formulating different viable minimum products in order to diversify products or services and scale business.  Two of them are not from Spain but they speak perfect Spanish and they have a portfolio of Spanish clients. Two others were born outside Barcelona, ​​but decide to start here. We also had a resident in Mallorca who took a flight to join us for the workshop.

I am from Mallorca and I have been in Barcelona for 5 months, and while I am talking to them about “connecting” with their clients, so that the sales process is lived as something natural and beautiful, I think, how lucky I am to celebrate women’s day with them!