How to find more customers.

How to find more customers.

How to get more customers?

The question for all entrepreneurs and business owners. The big challenge is how to increase the sales volume and find more  customers.

Here I give you  6 ways to increase customers, but, remember that the most imporntant is not the number of strategies that you know but the ones that you implement.


1) Providing extra value via related products or services  or “Ancillary revenue”:

The idea is that you have your Core business or your main product / service  but also you have others related to your client and their need.

Examples: In a gym you pay for the use of facilities but you can also hire a personal trainer, someone will give you a diet, a massage. You can buy certain dietary products, clothing and accessories, access related activities or events and also benefit from a wide range of discounts in an affiliate network.

You enter most airlines and you can rent the hotel or the car, take out insurance or an excursion


2) Increasing the number os distribution channels:

 You distribute your product or service through others both online and offline.

Example: Hotels sell their rooms through their website, directly to Tour Operators, Social Media, online Travel Agencies, Metasearch, agreements with companies and a long etcetera. The same product with a diversified distribution network.


3) Offering different B2C, B2B, B2B2C strategies:

You distribute your product / service to the end customer, to other companies or to other sources of Leads in exchange for a commission or a fee.

Example: A white label where you create the product or service and another company sells it. From supermarkets to airlines. You will find it everywhere.


4) Diversifying portfolio of products / services:

 It can be fragmenting the product or service into smaller units with the aim of improving the profit margin or incorporating the parties into a larger structure offering an integral service. Example: offer a comprehensive reform service versus offering the different independent and involved services within a reform together with the possibility of selling the property later.


5) New source markets: Internationalization Why sell only to the national market when in other languages ​​you can access a larger audience?Example: any company that has different languages ​​or currencies.


6) Diversifying product/service destination: If you already control the operation, your business kpi´s, the opening of new destinations is easier. Consider the entry and exit barriers and may be it is the right time to scale your business. Example: every time an airline opens a new destination, a new hotel in another city, a subsidiary.

Now the most important thing, if you are reading this post is because you want to increase sales volume, either through increasing the number of customers or average price of your product or service. All the same, the theory is written, now we must take action.


Take a look at the questions and decide where you want to start working: 

• How many products or services do you offer today?

• You have to invent 5 products / services related to your client in the next 2 minutes. You do not need to do them, which ones do you choose?

• In which three channels could you offer your product or service?

• List 3 companies directly related to your client and their time of purchase.

• List 3 services that your ideal client would value positively that you offered.

• List 3 zones, cities, countries where you could offer your product / service and how you would do it.

• If you could sell your product / service in another language / currency / form of payment, what would they be?

Once you have the answers, what three actions can you implement in the next two weeks?

Once you have the answers, what three actions can you implement in the next two weeks?

It all starts with an email, a call, a pdf sent, a cotacto, a test and from there, you continue. Choose which strategy you will follow, test, analyze results and continue.

I encourga you to put all together in your SALES PLAN and if you feel blocked at some point, or you do not dare to move forward, review how things are going in terms of MINDSET.

Remember, if you need support in the implementation, I see you at FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM, the training program for company creation exclusive for expats female entrepreneurs.