The importance of honesty. Ieva & Patricia. Mini Piggy Bcn

The importance of honesty. Ieva & Patricia. Mini Piggy Bcn

Ieva and Patricia are couple of friends from Lithuania that met when they were teenagers. Their international careers in Marketing and Commercialput many kilometers between them, however their relathionships had deep roots.

When Ieva was about to become a mother she wanted to prepare the room and the bedding of her baby as something special and unique. She was looking for beauty, softness, quality and could not find what she was searching in the market.

She had always sewn well and decided to do it by herself. She combined the best fabrics, elegant desgins plus all the things and tricks that you need to consider for a baby,  which you really learn from so much lying the baby in bed. When her friends saw the results, all of them told her what a wonderful product she made and they suggested her to sell it.

“I wanted to create something  special and unique. As a mother I started because I could not find what I want it for my baby the same  I feel. I never believed it could turned into a business Idea”.

But when Patricia, her close friend,  Commercial Director of a mutiltinational company at that time,   saw it, she said to her. “Let´s do it. We are going to make it happen”.  Patricia knew Ievas talent, saw the opportunity, the value of the product and decided to redirect her amazing skills to a purpose that engaged her much more. Patricia left her job and moved into the Project inmediately.

There was nothing calculated. All happended in a very natural but also suprising way.

MINI PIGGY BCN was born in 2016 and they spent quite a long time analyzing the market, production, etc. First orders came in and they started growing inmeditaly for two main reasons: Worth of mouth and the quality of the product was recognized inmediatelly. Referrals growing and they decided to use social media.


On 2017 they were focusing improving production, Brand awareness and exceeding customer satisfaction, kind of customer centric strategy and operations.

On the back of her head, they always wanted the customer to experince the product, and the online sucess gave them the confidence to expand their business model, open new markets plus they launched the the first shop in Barcelona early in 2018. Another sucess.


(Here I am, listening Ieva in their shop, but this is not a shop. It is like  you’ve gone back to a beautiful world of fantasy where you’re always a little girl and nothing bad can happen to you… )


What do you like the most of your business Ieva?

Our passion is our customer and we try to have a relationshiop with them, understand what they want in order to customize as much as possible our product to their desires. Our business is very personal and honest. Honesty is the key, it is the way. We are creating products for mothers very conscious of their little babies and we want to do it very well.

For sure, it is very satisfying when I saw our customers appreciation and recognition.

I always wanted to do something that I want and feel that my time and effort is worth it.

How do you manage the frienship  and partnership between you and Patricia?

A key of a good partnership is TRUST. We respect each other and we know each other very well. We are very aware about our own and each other strengths and weaknesses . We usually have differen opinions but the key is to Meet each other halp way.

Would you share 3 tips for female entrepreneurs?

Follow your instint. Believe in yourself. You are able to face everything: burocracy, system, society, stereotypes.No one will stop you if you believe in yourself. Follow your path and believe in your idea.

You need planning and flexibility because things may dissappointe you and also exceed the expections. You will find both situations, for sure and you need to be ready for both.

Have a clear vision will help you in the short term decisions and will enable you to separate from frustration.

You started your business when you became a mother. What´s your advise for mothers with a business idea?

You need to boost your SELF CONFIDENCE. All in life if a matter of choices. The choices you take are the ones who shape the sort of woman  that you are in all the areas of your life.

Forget judgement of the society, just honour yourself . Your journey is a reference for others.

Question all the time if your fears are really yours.

What are the next steps for Mini Piggy Bcn?

We want to expand to new markets, exceed the requirements. We control every single piece of the production. Quality and excellence are our drivers. We also want to increase the Brand awareness in Barcelona by meeting more mothers through events and the last one, but not less important is that we are designing a Charity Project. We are very fortunated and we want to share it with others.

So, if you are reading the article and there is one Little thing that you do extremly well and feel like sharing with others, give it a try. There ´s just one life and there is so much to win.