The importance of knowing your client. Vibeke Foss

The importance of knowing your client. Vibeke Foss

I met Vibeke on the first day that I arrived in Barcelona at the Speakers Seminar hosted by JT FOXX. I loved his aggressive style and she hated him. We did not find a single common point between the both of us in 30 minutes… and that was the beginning of a nice friendship.

Vibeke, originally from Norway arrived in Barcelona in 2006 and started as entrepreneur 3 years ago.

How did she manage to build her business, keep happy more than 40 customers and create a network of more than 5000 women among entrepreneurs and freelancers?

She says that she did not see herself as an entrepreneur because she had always been a great employee, she worked for big companies, great salary, recognition, but her last two experiences working for others were decisive to start her project.

She began her career as an entrepreneur, making operational tasks for other companies , but everyone asked her about her website, which she had done herself.

At the beginning I made a lot of mistakes, she reckon: procrastinating, not having identified my client or a clear business plan. But I continued to learn, and without a doubt what I feel most proud of is not to abandon, to continue. There were temptations to quit but I have stayed, I have been persistent.

I take this opportunity to ask while they serve us a coffee at the Lexington.

Vibeke, what 3 tips would you give today to the Vibeke that started 3 years ago?

Only three?

  • Trust yourself because at the beginning we believe that others know more than us and devalue our intuition. I attended many networking where the majority of the male participants, with the intention of helping me, gave me many tips on how I should run my business. But I ended up feeling worse. Do you know when someone tries to help you and you get worse back home? Well, it happened to me many times, but now I know that my first ideas and plans were not bad. So the first advice would be: Trust yourself and follow your intuition.
  • Spend time with other female entrepreneurs. We feel many doubts and insecurities and to being able to tell another woman, hey I have screwed up, things are not going as I would like or I just do not know how to do it, in general, female entrepreneurs help each other a lot. We are more cooperative than in the corporate environment.
  • Select your audience very well and create a clear strategy for the approach. Visibility and consistency are keys especially when it comes to offering a service.

Most entrepreneurs regardless of online or offline have a website, so I ask Vibeke to tell me what three key points in terms of profitability and design would be essential if she would pay a web designer to create one.

1) To be asked if you have a business plan, who is your client and what is your value proposition. These questions give you clarity about your business and allow you to create a strategy for the start your business. A website without strategy is like a business card in your bag. It’s useless. So if your provider ask you about this information you identify if the person or company is interested and knowledgeable about your kind of business.

2) Feel good with your provider, meaning that there has to be good, constant communication and that you are part of the creation process. It is a process of joint creation.

3) That they recommend me to create a Valuable subscription on the page so you can create a relationship with your client. But not a “Newsletter”. Nobody wants more emails in the inbox. We are saturated, so a subscription that provides value on the page accompanied with a strategy of maintenance and approach with the customer is essential. A clear message, with personality, authentic brings results.

If I had to pay for my website, these would be the essential requirements.

Vibeke provides business consulting and then websites. She specializes in Coaches and female entrepreneurs and she cares about her clients.

And how does Vibeke know her clients so well?

The woman who said “I came with nothing” has created alone a network of more than 5,000 members among freelancers and female entrepreneurs using different channels as MeetUp or Facebook. Moreover she also organizes a pop up coworking at Lexington where entrepreneurs from all over the world meet up to 3 times a week to work and share their experiences.

Do not leave without visiting the Vibeke page and if you are Coach, freelance or entrepreneur, you will find a community led by Vibeke waiting for you at Lexington.

Thank God she came to Barcelona and how lucky to have her.