Lavin Luis:Persistence and agility

Lavin Luis:Persistence and agility

Last spring I attended a Meetup event held in ITNIG about investment rounds.The speaker, Lavin Luis.

15% female attendance.

I should be looking for the speaker profile in advaced on LinkedIn, google, etc. but I was entertained thinking about how familiar looked the man drinking water in the kitchen of the coworking. From coworking, from the gym? Not sure… He left the glass, took the microphone and started his presentation.

I have atended many presentations but I was very impressed by the way he controlled each part of with coherence, structure and naturality. He was aksing the questions himself and getting the answers with the aim to ensure that everyone understood the content.

Anyone who was in his lecture atended a master class about investment rounds in 60 minutes.

With the promise of not stealing much time from him (chrono in hand), I interviewed him in OneCowork.

Lavin Luis was chosen one of the 5 brightest minds in Spain. There are plenty of arguments for this.

At age 14 he creates his first company, PSLT, a videogame and a platform to compete. He dedicates himself to this for a year and a half, he manages to earn 20,000EUR until his parents insist that he has to study. I repeat, he was 14 years old.

His first traveling companions in the business world were his friends and his brother, who he used to see programming across the corridor at home. Each question he asked his brother was answered with a “Google search”. And he searched, oh yes, he searched.

At 16 he starts a program and creates his first eCommerce. They uploaded more than 1000 products. His brother prepares the logo and he learns advertising, google adwords and the UX part. The operation get a bit complicated due to the direct sale of a supplier and the high delivery times, which make them lose competitiveness (he lived in the Canary Islands at that time)

Then, in the niche of the game, Netgaming, starts working on video, and creates Sao Media.

Some time later, following his curiosity he decided to participate in his first StartUp Weekend in Las Palmas and together with Isi Ramirez he created his third company: Treeming. Plant a tree for 1 EUR. They planted 250 and the benefit was given by the currency exchange.

In its second Weekend in the Canary Islands, it creates an application to create and share events with 3 other partners: Eventuapp.

He had to study and he chose programming, although he thinks about it he looks at the floor smiling and says: “I was wrong” : )

He participated in the third Weekend in Gran Canarias and meet Celestino Gianotti. Do you know one of those people who appear in your life to help you change direction? Well, Celestino was one of them in Lavin’s life.

During those days he worked on another weekend with 9 people and they have changed Project up to 4 times, and finally the ended up presenting the online version of the Startup weekend. They won the first prize. He was 20 years old. After receiving the award, Celestino Gianotti told him that he was number one in the Canary Islands. The King, but it was too small and it was time to go to new challenges. Remember that just at that moment he stepped on something that caught his attention.  He decided to turn back to see what it was about and when he turned the cardboard he discovered that it was a letter with the King of hearts.

He took his time and finally decided to participate in the startup weekend of Tenerife and Barcelona but this time “as a mentor”. 

At the Barcelona event he met Carlos Blanco and at lunch time he said to him: “I want to go to work for free with you”. That hunger… isn´t it refreshing? Maybe they did not believe him capable to leave Canary Island but he arrived to Barcelona and entered very fast in the ecosystem where he worked hard and met key people to move on.

A short time later, together with Santiago Soengas and Stefan Gatu, they started Beezing, a company which allowed access to all the information received by mobile messages directly in an email or integrated into a CRM. A SaaS that improved all customer service KPI´s. They reach 25 countries and an awesome client portfolio, but, at some point in a meeting with WhatsApp they´ve received the message of “Cease and desist “, I mean, “Stop and give up because you’ve arrived 3 years before”.

He rellocated his team and needed some time to recover. It´s difficult to create a company. It´s difficult to make it grow, but having to close it when it works because you have arrived early it is a huge challenge.

He decides to return to Barcelona and in two weeks he is working again. This time as a Consultant for 3 months.

Lavin said: “One of the things that has helped me the most is learning to fail quickly”

Two months later the possibility of working on a project arises: BOARDFY

At BOARDFY, the first step was obtaining financing and he worked more than 6 months preparing all the material. They obtained 455,000 euros.

Boardfy is tool that compares pricing and improves the conversion of google shopping by more than 20% using updated information every 3 hours.

It offers recommendations on where to invest to be more efficient considering the prices of competitors. It also allows you to detect and monitor undercutting pricing from other distributors to prevent the brand’s pricing policy.Improves conversion rate and Brand positioning. And they are growing, with views to expand to United States.

Here we have Lavin, a fighter that no more than 3 years after the closing of Beezing he is now up and running ready for the new battle.

He thinkgs and talks fast and he is a natural Communicator. He follows his curiosity and the constant need for new challenges.

He says:   I do not like having a boss, but I do like having pressure. It makes me feel alive.

And remember: “Fail fast”.

So if any female founder is reading the interview you have a business project in mind  and you are looking for team members (CMO, CTO’S) maybe the best way to do it, taking Lavin’s case, is to participate in startup weekends, but not one, one after the other one and keep moving forward, fast.

There is nothing to lose and everything to win.