Marina & Tana: Reposition your CV and improve your salary.

Marina & Tana: Reposition your CV and improve your salary.

Hire a professional to reposition your CV and increase your salary.

Here is an example of two senior HR professionals who created their own company. It is also an example of how best friends can work together, combining their skills and expertise for the best service.

Marina and Tana met through work in Ireland in 2008. Marina hired Tana as a HR consultant. They became best of friends through the process and whilst they both originally followed their own career paths, remained the very best of friends including both being bridesmaids at their respective weddings.

What makes this pairing more interesting is that Marina is from South Africa originally and Tana is from Brazil , both understood the challenges of finding a job in Europe. In 2014 they set up Storani Consulting and since then they have diversified in to multiple areas of expertise based on their skill sets and customer needs.

In terms of roles, Marina is the big picture person – the visionary, the Business Maker and Strategist. Tana is the entrprenuer, the idealist and the implementer and doer – a creative industrialist if you like!

Between the two of them they have worked with some of the worlds largest employers including Google, LinkedIn and Facebook and have been involved in setting up over 100 companies between them. One day however, they decided to set up their own business – Storani Consulting – and combine their experience to not only help business establish a hiring process but also work with candidates across the globe, helping them secure their dream jobs through coaching and mentoring

Essentially they work with individuals providing career advice, career coaching and CV Services and they are particularly good at reengineering people’s CV’s to allow candidates to apply for new roles or promotions (remember that HR professionals will make a decision within 6 seconds and unless you have the right keywords and information in your CV you are out of the game).

In addition they also work with Colleges and Universities, training their students on how to position themselves in the international market as a graduate. Their main goal is to help people find a new job and this is what they both love and do best

For companies, they help them you build their culture code and create the right recruitment processes to attract, maintain and internally promote talent within the organization. This is a great advantage when it comes to headcount scale ups (imagine your startup receives investment and you have a tight deadline to find the right candidates to scale up your business model)

Marina explains me that sometimes they have to sometimes remind companies that they are not perfect and they first need to identify their culture, create a suitable human resources processes focusing on methodology and identifying the right people. There is big competition out there to get the right talent and its essential that companies gear their recruitment process towards this.

Marina, How are you currenlty  getting your clients? 

Word out mouth and referrals are our main source of business however we are actively contacting companies and colegues and meeting with them to promote our services. So far its been incredible positive and both Tana and I are constantly booked out for seminars in Ireland and Spain. It keeps us busy and moving in the right direction

What are your company goals for 2018? 

Our first plan to employ more coaches to not only write CV’s remotely but also give speeches and training to colleges in Ireland and Spain. It’s proving to be a popular source of interest so we want to continue there. Our main area though is to expand new partnerships with organisations like colleges, universities, business schools. Basically organizations that offer guidance to Young professionals and graduates to find the right job.

What are the keys of a good relationship with your partner?  

We have learnt that the key to a good working relationship is communication. We both know and understand our strengths and weaknesses and therefore have found a way to work this in to our business strategy

Let´s think that I am a StartUp and I need to grow my team in short time.  What 3 tips can you give me to find a good Agency?

  1. The best way to identify a suitable recruitment partner is to ask for a referral from a similar company who have used that agency. No better way to see if an agency has performed than asking for previous track record examples.
  2. You should then interview that agency and see if they are the right fit culturally for your company. I have sometimes suggested looking at Glassdoor to see whether an agencies employers actually enjoy working for them and if so you know you will be partnering with a happy agency and employees.
  3. Finally, ask the agency about their track record – ask them for information on their success rates, how they performed, difficulties when hiring. Essentially you are looking to see just how much they know about your industry and whether they see the pitfalls that you may come up against.


What process do you follow to find the right candidate?

As a HR consultant employed to source a candidate for a company, the best avenue is referrals and LinkedIn. Successful candidates are busy being successful and therefore you need to contact them and not expect them to come to you. We use LinkedIn. We select one CV out of 10 in average. Then we go to the contact ( call/ email/ video), face to face up to proposal.  Contracting time depends on the notice period but this is something that it can be even negotiated. The initial phase of finding the right profile is the key for success.

The percentage of engagement with a candidate is much higher if the candidate was approached about an offer. They appreciate it more than candidates that were actively looking or applying for a job.

The general idea is that the best profiles are working and busy being successful. They don’t have time for searching.

I am a female professionals applying for a Job, can you recommend me 3 things to DO:

  1. As a woman we can often hold ourselves back by questioning whether a role is suitable for us – women do tend to overthink! At least I know I do. My advice is, having worked with women over time I find you have absolutely nothing to lose by going for a role and don’t hold back. Go for it and keep going for it till you hit your goals.
  2. Its a known fact that less than 10% of Global CEO’s are women. What this means is NOT that men are holding us back but that women need to be more ambitious. Men and women are born equal and therefore we must go in prepared but hungry and fi we ever want to succeed not be afraid to ask for more.
  3. As a woman in an interview I will often be more cautious when asked for examples of my achievements. This can lead to the view that you are not selling yourself and ultimately the interviewer will question your abilities as you undersell yourself. So my advice is, never lie but be strong and smart in your statements and allow an interviewer to see you in that role and performing. An interview is a test run so don’t waste it!

Here is an example of two amazing HHRR professionals who started their company, understanding first-hand the needs of their client.

As a summary:

If you have to create a team in a short time and have the financial resources:Delegate to people who know. Investigate the most appropriate alliance. Make a research in your sector, send RFP, request for proposal,  and find out the % of hiring success over the time.

If  you are willing to change your job:• Instead of desisting to improve in your actual job postion, start to shine and keep busy and visible ( online & offline).  Invest in repositioning and maximizing your CV. Be ambitious. More and more. Prepare for the interview (examples and numbers, the right mindset, prepared and enjoy).

We continue with more examples of female entrepreneur women who lead their professional careers and share their experiences with us.

Be ambitious and keep growing¡