Willing to create your company or start as Freelance?

Willing to create your company or start as Freelance?

Are You thinking about opening your own company?

Or working as freelance (“autónoma”)?

Oh my god¡ You brave woman¡

We need more like you¡

We need more and more successful female entrepreneurs, and the fact the you are reading this is already a great sign.

When you think about opening a company or becoming your own boss there are certain points that you have to consider. First of all, let me tell what deciding to create your company IS NOT:It is not AN EMOTIONAL REACTION,it is a thoughtful and analyzed decision.

There are many things to do in terms of business: Analysis, Canvas,MPV, Business plan, Sales Plan, Go to market… but I will start telling you that you need an economic mattress, economic support, because all your expenses do not freeze because you decide to create your company. So one of the first things to do is to calculate what you need in terms of personal finances.

You need to cover some legal requirements depending if you are local, intra-community or extra-community. Once these requirements are covered  You need some personal and professional skills, self-knowledge will help you a lot.

If you have the BUSINESS PLAN, you have done your homework regarding your business plan.You also have the SALES PLAN and even confirmed customers.

You have the right MINDSET to act fast. Then there are some steps at the level of public administration that you need to follow to be a freelance or create company.

In order to give you full visibility we will cover all this the next October 01st in a Workshop for women entrepreneurs, most expats. So you have a clear step by step how to do it, have visibility, support and meet other women entrepreneurs like you. Here I leave the link in case you dare : )


If you need support on the implementation, I see you at the FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM, the training program exclusive for expats female entrepreneurs.